What Affiliate Networks/Payment Portals Are Compatible?

In order to facilitate, send, receive, and store payments for your custom concierge product, you will need a payment portal

We are able to integrate with PayPal and Stripe however, we recommend that our members use a PayPal Business Account. The Standard Business account is free and PayPal it is the simplest and most reliable online payment solution.

An affiliate network is an online marketplace that hosts your product (think Amazon, but for digital products). Working through them is beneficial, because they have a large network of like-minded users who will help market your product in exchange for a commission. Plus, affiliate networks integrate directly with payment portals.

We are able to integrate with  JVZoo which is an easy to use affiliate network with great payment options. Since JVZoo integrates with PayPal, Stripe and merchant accounts it also eliminates the need for multiple payment processors.

If you plan to use JVZoo, please be sure you have your  Seller Account set up prior to completing your Concierge Checklist. This includes your personal information, address, W9 and linking of your payment portal. Please click through for more information on your JVZoo account.

Please Note If you want to offer the product on other affiliate networks, you can definitely do so, but that would be outside of the scope for this service. You can upgrade your EverLesson Account to Pro/Agency Membership for more options of compatible Networks/Payment Portals. Again, this integration would fall outside of the Concierge scope of service. The below screenshot shows the available platforms for EverLesson Pro/Agency membership. 

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