Is Marketing Included With My Package?

The Concierge by Snaptactix program is focused on the back-end installation for marketers who are looking for a product to sell. Each  package does include a sales funnel with excellent VSL's for each topic/niche you choose.

Once we have completed the installation process you have full creative license to market your program as you see fit. We wanted to be sure that each person is able to utilize their own personality, voice and spin when it comes to the marketing and advertising of their concierge products. Distinguishing yourself within the marketplace is where you get to hone, sharpen and share your marketing skills and position yourself as an expert in the arena. Therefore, any ads, marketing components (bonuses, ads, swipes, etc.) and strategy are yours to create!

If you already follow Jimmy Kim and his teachings, great! Please continue to do so. For anyone seeking another resource, the Snaptactix blog offers fresh content and information on driving traffic and marketing online that may help you develop your personal strategy!

Please Note To make the marketing portion as simple as possible for our members all viable components of the concierge package will be integrated with your Email Marketing Service/Autoresponder Platform.

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