How Do I Edit My Deliverables Checklist?

Before beginning the installation process, we need to collect some information about your custom Concierge product via our Deliverables Checklist. Upon completion of your checklist, you will receive a copy of the submission via email. If at any point, you find that the information you previously submitted is no longer accurate you can easily edit your checklist:

  1. Locate your submission receipt - This is an email with the subject line We have received your response for Concierge by Snaptactix -(Deliverables Checklist). If you cannot find this email please make sure that this link was not sent to a different email of yours. Also, be sure to check your spam/junk folders
  2. At the bottom of your submission receipt is an Update Entry section: 
  3. Click Edit Submission to modify your checklist accordingly.
  4. Be sure to hit Submit on the checklist to finalize all edits.

If you cannot find your submission receipt, or have questions about editing your checklist please email your  Concierge Agent.

Please Note To avoid duplicate information or confusion, edits should be made to current forms, rather than submitting a new version. To expedite the process and insure the accuracy of information, we do require that all checklist edits are done directly by our members.

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