How Is My Product Unique from Other Concierge Products?

The Concierge by Snaptactix program is a customizable white-label product. Throughout the installation process, your Concierge Agent will work with you to customize the package accordingly. No two products will be the same as each of our members will have their own:

  • Personality 
  • Spin and slightly different focus within their niche
  • Customer base
  • Marketing strategy
  • Profile Image
  • Title/Name for the course 
  • Domain
  • Customized logo & eCover

Members have creative control over their customized designs and the end result will reflect you and your brand. Once the process is complete, the product is 100% yours to market, sell as your own and carve out a niche for yourself within the world wide web!

Please Note The internet is a huge place and the likelihood of customer cross-over is very, very small. 

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