What Topics/Niches Are Available?

The Snaptactix Concierge Program offers eight products to choose from. They include: 

eCommerce Marketing - The eCom course includes everything it takes to build a successful online store. Students will learn about carving out a niche in the marketplace, choosing products, setting up an online store, logistics, marketing... even product photography and copywriting!

Facebook Marketing - A full A to Z training that will teach your students exactly how to use for Facebook to market their business. From the basics and getting started, through to objectives, targeting, ad creation and bidding, this course covers everything an aspiring Facebook marketer needs to know!

List Building - Having an email list has become a vital component of business today. Guide your students through the list building process, from basics and the initial setup, through to finding products to promote, crafting effective emails, traffic strategies and maintaining a healthy list. This course is a go-to for aspiring email marketers!

Niche Marketing - This training was designed for anyone that is still trying to find their place in the online world. Students will learn how to find the best niche and build it up as their own brand. From SEO to content creation, tips/tricks and monetization this course covers everything they'll need to become a niche master and drive sales.

Video Marketing - Using this course, your students will learn exactly how to establish a strong online strategy using video. Starting off with the importance of the buying cycle to video, through to video production, distribution channels, monetization and campaign analysis, viewers will master all the latest video techniques.

Law of Attraction (Personal Development) - This course is a must-have for anyone interested in the power of positive thinking and affirmations. Your students will learn everything they need to know about visualizations, goal setting, overcoming fears and applying the Law of Attraction in their daily lives.

Weight Loss (Health & Fitness) - This training starts with the basics of weight loss and will take your students through the entire process of burning fat via healthy eating and exercise. With a focus on planning, preparation and lifestyle changes, this course covers proper nutrition, exercise and overall fitness, overcoming setbacks and even tracking progress so your students are able to change their lives for the better!

Meditation (Personal Development) - Teach your students how to overcome mental hurdles, reduce stress and improve their lives with the power of meditation. This training covers the history and benefits of the practice, as well as common misconceptions, types of meditation and how to integrate it into daily life. Guide students through their own journey of personal growth with this meditation course!

We may be adding more niches/topics if we sell out or see demand, but this is our current offering.

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