What Should I Use as My Portrait Picture?

When it comes to a portrait picture, you really want to look your best. This is the image that all of your customers will see and often will be the first impression they get of you! 

The portrait picture will be displayed directly on your sales page, similar to the one shown here:

For our members, we really recommend having professional headshots taken, however, if you are just starting out this may not be in the budget. 

If you plan to use your own picture, be sure it is a high quality image and a polished and flattering headshot. Headshots could focus on your face or even be a full body shot, but they should always be professional and clearly convey your personality. 

Please Note Whether your profile picture is professionally shot or your own personal photo, the image file should be at least 200 x 200px and in PNG, JPG  TIF, or GIF format.

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