How Do I Get Support for Sendlane?

We recommend that our Concierge members use  Sendlane as their Email Marketing Service/Autoresponder Platform.

Please click through if you have general questions regarding the  tools and features available in SendLane.

For FAQs and in-depth training please visit the  SendLane Knowledge Base!

If you need to speak directly with a support team member you have 3 options:

  • Head over to and hit Contact Us 
  • Log in to your SendLane account and click the Support bubble to start a chat
  • Log in to your SendLane account, click the Help menu & choose Support
  • Email them at

Please Note We provide complete support for our custom concierge products and do our best to provide assistance with Sendlane as well.  However, we often find that it is best to go right to the source and highly recommend that our members contact Sendlane for questions or assistance with a Sendlane account.

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us